Precious Akams

Software Developer

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  • Phone Number : 08060934111

About Me

I am a Software developer with JavaScript, Vue, Html, Css, Laravel, Php, Node js as my main stacks, other softwares I work with include Graphql, Bootstrap, MySQL, MongoDB, Jira, Heroku, Firebase, Netlify, Git, Trello, etc. I'm also an augmented reality and 3D animation enthusiast.
I have over two years of experience as a developer and four years of experience as a business manager within the fast-moving consumer goods industry.
To me, learning is a continual process as such I am always open to learning and fine-tuning my skills.
I have always been a good team player who is also comfortable working alone, whether under pressure and in stress-free environments.
I believe that change is the only constant in life, so I am always open to it.
There’s so much more about me, that I can’t write down right now, but you will get to know more when we work together.

Contact me through my email or social media handles above.